Dale S. Recinella, J.D.

Florida lawyer and Catholic lay chaplain,

Florida Death Row and Solitary Confinement



Dr. Susan Ward Recinella

Psychologist for the severely mentally ill and

Ministry to families of executed and of murder victims.




Addressing faith groups from the authenticity of experience.



·  Catholic Teaching and the Realities of the American Death Penalty


·  Biblical Truth and the Realities of the American Death Penalty


·  The Realities of the Week of Execution:

 With the Condemned and the Family of the Condemned


·  Ministry amidst the Realities of Solitary Confinement


·  Criminalization of the Mentally Ill


·  Becoming Family to the Incarcerated







Dale S. Recinella, author of The Biblical Truth about America’s Death Penalty (Northeastern University Press: 2004), has served for twelve years as a state-certified Spiritual Counselor and Catholic lay chaplain in Florida’s prisons. On behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Florida, in 1998 he began ministering cell-to-cell to the 365+ men on Florida’s death row and the approximately 2000 men in Florida’s long-term solitary confinement. He and his wife, Dr. Susan Recinella, minister as a team during executions: he serving as spiritual advisor to the condemned and his wife serving as a minister to the condemned’s family and loved ones. They also minister to the families and loved ones of murder victims.


Mr. Recinella, a magna cum laude graduate of Notre Dame University Law School (1976), is a licensed Florida lawyer and has taught international law in Europe at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His column about the death penalty and prison conditions, appears regularly in The Florida Catholic, the statewide newspaper of the Catholic Bishops of Florida, and received a Year 2000 Press Award from the Catholic Press Association. In 1997 he was named a University of Notre Dame Exemplar for modeling faith and citizenship in action and, most recently, received the Year 2001 Humanitarian Award from the Franciscan Alumni Association. He spoke at the 2nd World Congress Against the Death Penalty (2005) in Montreal on “Religion, Ethics and the Death Penalty”, has appeared frequently on worldwide Vatican Radio concerning the death penalty, and has extensively addressed audiences on the subject.



Dr. Susan Ward Recinella, awarded her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) at Nova University, School of Psychology, Fort Lauderdale, FL (1986), is licensed in Florida and Georgia with a specialty in working with the severely mentally ill. She currently serves as a Senior Psychologist and Director of Psychological Internship Training at Northeast Florida State Hospital, Macclenny, FL. Dr. Recinella has been a fellow in private practice (Tallahassee, FL) working with children, adolescents and adults, and is a member of the Florida Psychological Association. She participates in death row ministry by ministering to the families of inmates on deathwatch, especially during the time of execution. She has also ministered to the female inmates (Federal) housed at the Baker County Jail and is Coordinator of the Parish Praise and Worship Choir at St. Mary’s Catholic Church which provides the music for the monthly parish healing services. She and her husband have raised five children.


Dale & Susan Recinella, together with their children, serve as a Christian mentoring family to an inmate in Florida prison who faces a life sentence for murder.




Dr. Susan and Dale Recinella can be reached at: 


PO Box 541, Macclenny, FL 32063

Email: dalereci@nefcom.net